Legislation area

Started a Legislation area based on Open Congress. Consider this a first step toward getting more politically active.

As this site continues to grow, the area will naturally grow more robust. Stay tuned.

The Path Forward

Rather than a messy blob of apathetic sometimes-voters, I've met very many moderates who I'd characterize as non-ideological and innovative forward thinkers. Unfortunately, I've met still more small-minded people who believe that the hard right and hard left are the only two valid choices, and that any diversion is simply the result of lack of courage. Where once that viewpoint angered me, I've come to accept Gandhi's sometimes-attributed exhortation that the first step to winning is being ignored, and then laughed at.

Space as Integral to America's Identity

​This important line from Aeon's article about Elon Musk:

And so I wondered, why space?

This is one of those big political questions for me. I'm a big believer that we need to keep pressing the boundaries of what we know. This is something that really should be a shared mission across the entire mainstream swath of America. The mission is progressive in that it doesn't care particularly about conserving our situation, but it's conservative in that it cares about conserving our values. It harkens back to a type of conservatism that Peter Viereck talked about. We're trying to hold onto our values against the rush of right wing reactionaries and hardcore leftists who both want us to backslide, one into a world of ignorance and the other a world of less.

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Great Line by Robert Darnton

From an article in the New York Review of Books:

​"I understand that the First Amendment does not extend beyond the jurisdictional limits of the US Constitution, but I believe in the right to freedom of speech with all the fervor of my fellow citizens, despite the scorn of sophisticates who deride 'First Amendment pieties.' While attempting understanding, one must take a stand, especially today, when the state may be watching every move we make."

That reflects my feelings on the right to free speech and expression. Holding the First Amendment as sacred means not only accepting it for ourselves, but believing in those values for all mankind.

Over the last few years, conservatism has fallen away to a libertarianism that is against international democratic values, while liberalism has lost the progressive spirit in favor of extreme moral relativism. I feel like there used to be a consensus out there that valued and cared about human welfare everywhere. Over the last decade, though, I've seen a definite trend toward a "that's not my problem" response to international tragedy.


It's become increasingly apparent that the voice of the vast majority of Americans are being drowned out by the reactionary right and revolutionary left. They have every right to be heard, but we need to ensure that we make our case also. From the center right to the radical center to the center left, we need to create more lines of direct communication with each other.

On Twitter, I mentioned that we could use a single hashtag, similar to the conservatives' #tcot and progressives' #p2 . After mentioning it to some centrists, we settled on #centristsunite . It's long, but it gets the point across perfectly. We will unite.